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"Saturday Market" quilt pattern


Quilt measures 35" x 42"
• Can be a 6 part project (block-of-the-month)
• Applique and piecing
• Choose French or English for embroidered words

Streets filled with shoppers, vendors and their colorful displays, the scent of fresh-baked bread wafting through the air--- its Saturday at the market! Inspired by a day of shopping at an outdoor French country market, this quilt represents all the wonderful things a Saturday market has to offer. Fun appliqué shapes combined with bright colorful piecing, simple embroidery and a funky rooster on guard brings the French country market right to your home! Pattern includes embroidered words in French AND English. (Just where would this devilishly handsome rooster go after a long day at market? Why the hen house of course! Check out our"Chick Chatter" pattern to see if the poor rooster gets a word in edgewise!)